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Start My Copyright Registration – In Just Rs 1999+ Govt fees

Copyright Registration

Copyright gives the right to owner to protect his creation from copy or reproduced, copyright can be register for book, script, software, music photograph, movie and any other artistic work copyright register in India under copyright act, 1957.

Apart from these rights, an author or creator can enjoy claim authorship for published or exhibited work under the right of paternity. He may decide where to publish and where not under the right of publication and necessary preventive actions in case of image or reputation loss under the right of integrity.

Copyrights registration is not mandatory yet it ensures safeguards of the rights of the creators being an infringement. This is an assurance that no other one can misuse or reuse the copyrighted efforts of writer or creator in any form. Copyrighting anything will help to protect the social and economic development which relies on the creativity. It helps to get a kind of monopoly which motivates an artist or a creator to produce more.

Payment Plan

Document Required

We will require following documents

  • Name, address and nationality detail of Applicant
  • Nature of interest of the work of the applicants
  • Class and description of work
  • Title of work
  • Language of work
  • First Publication date, place, publishers name, etc.
  • Power of attorney on Indian stamps paper


  • After receive the above document our expert team prepare application in require form and submit required form in authority, when process is completed, authority will be registered copyright within 2-3 month.


Company Registration & GST Registration

Company Registration & GST Registration