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Start My Income Tax Compliances – Starting from Rs 499*+ Govt fees


It is applicable on all person their income more than exemption limit, here person means Individual, HUF, Partnership Firm, LLP, Private Limited Company , other companies, trust, society, AOP,NRI etc. Every person require to file Income tax return before due date

Return can be files e-file or manually, Letsfiling provide free consultancy on fiiling the income tax return

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For Annual filing compliance following documents are required

Every person should file the income tax return before due date , due date of income tax return is 31st July except those entity have turnover more than tax audit limit or companies these type entity file income tax return up to 30th September

Income tax return are various type

ITR 1– Income Tax Form ITR-1 (SAHAJ) is for individuals having income from salaries, one house property and other sources like interest, etc.,

ITR 2– Income Tax Form ITR-2 is for individuals and HUF having income other than business and profession Income

ITR 2A– Income Tax Form ITR-2A is for individuals and HUF having income other than business and profession Income , capital gain and do not hold foreign Assets

ITR 3– Income Tax Form ITR-3 is for individuals and HUF are being partner in firm but not carrying out any business and profession under proprietary concern

ITR 4– Income Tax Form ITR-4 is for individuals and HUF having income business and profession Income

ITR 4S– Income Tax Form ITR-4S is for individuals and HUF having income business and profession Income and those want to show presumptive income

ITR 5– Income Tax Form ITR-5 is for person those are other than individuals , HUF, Company, person filing ITR-7 ITR-5 file firms , LLP, BOIs , AOPs, Co-operative Society, Artificaial Judicial person,Local Authoriety

ITR 6– Income Tax Form ITR-6 form is to be used only by companies except those companies or organisations that claim tax exemption as per Section 11

ITR 7– Income Tax Form ITR 7 is used by persons, political parties, news agencies, universities and entities in receipt of income from property held under trust for charitable or religious purposes.


Those person having income exceed the exemption limit require to pay income tax to tax authority through banks online or manually at the time of fling the income tax return , if income tax more than Rs 10000 in a financial year have to pay as advance tax four time in year otherwise impose interest and penalties levied on advance tax.

Advance tax due dates are

Due Date For corporate taxpayers For individual taxpayers
On or before 15th June 15% of advance tax 15% of advance tax
On or before 15th September 45% of advance tax 45% of advance tax
On or before 15th December 75% of advance tax 75% of advance tax
On or before 15th March 100% of advance tax 100% of advance tax

Document Required

Following documents are required help to file your Income Tax Return  at time , we require following Documents

  1. PAN
  2. Address Proof
  3. Bank Statements of All bank 
  4. Income Detail
  5. TDS  Certificate Form-16, If any
  6. Income Tax Login ID and  Password (if made earlier)
  7. Savings Detail (PPF, NSC, ULIPS, ELSS, LIC, Children School Fees  ETC .)
  8. Any Other Documents which is Valuable for us for finalization of Return 


After receive the all documents(Documents mail at, our representative prepare return and verify and approve by you than our Income Tax expert will file your Income Tax return with the Income Tax department.


Company Registration & GST Registration

Company Registration & GST Registration