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Start My VAT-TIN (Sales Tax) Registration – In Just Rs 2999


Those people who are doing business of trading or manufacturing of goods in India they require to register in VAT registration , VAT ,TIN CST registration are same, Registration of VAT can be voluntary or mandatory it depend on turnover, some states limit is Rs.5 Lakhs some states limit is Rs.10 Lakhs

VAT is collected and governed by state government, VAT is multilevel stage tax it is allow input tax credit (ITC ) that can be adjust against VAT liability on subsequent sale. Each state has a different vat regulation based on type of goods sold so it is charge at different rate on different goods by different state.

When Registered for vat, state authority allot a 11 digit VAT /TIN/ CST number.Now VAT and CST number provide same number by state authority.

VAT is levied on intra-state (With in state) sale of goods while central sales tax (CST) apply on Interstate sale of goods, CST application are give with the application of VAT and 11 digit number provide by state authority are same for VAT and CST


  • Copy PAN card of Proprietor/ Partner / Director
  • Copy of Aadhar card / driving license / passport of Proprietor/ Partner / Director
  • Passport size Photograph
  • Ownership Proof of Office
  • PAN card of partnership / Company
  • Board resolution in case of company
  • Partnership deed /MOA of entity
  • Name of Commodity
  • Name of Firm in case proprietorship
  • Bank statement
  • Demand draft / Bank Guarantee (Require some states)


After receive the above document our representative prepare application and submit require form in state vat authority , when process is completed authority issue the 11 digit VAT number. This process will take 10-15 days only, one of person of department will visit commercial office space after getting the VAT number.

Due Dates

  • Vat is state level tax and levied by state government so date of tax payment and file of return are vary in various state normally payment of tax quarterly in each and every state and file of return also quarterly.